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For some reason i am unable to compile or execute the following code ...look like a i have a deadlock or something like that ...

Could anyone send me into the right direction ? Thanks !!
This is the code:

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  1. intitemCount
  2. procedureproducer(){
  3. while(true){
  4. item=produceItem()
  5. if(itemCount==BUFFER_SIZE){
  6. sleep()
  7. }
  8. putItemIntoBuffer(item)
  9. itemCount=itemCount+1
  10. if(itemCount==1){
  11. wakeup(consumer)
  12. }
  13. }
  14. }
  15. procedureconsumer(){
  16. while(true){
  17. if(itemCount==0){
  18. sleep()
  19. }
  20. item=removeItemFromBuffer()
  21. itemCount=itemCount-1
  22. if(itemCount==BUFFER_SIZE-1){
  23. wakeup(producer)
  24. }
  25. consumeItem(item)
  26. }
  27. }

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For some reason i am unable to compile or execute the following code ...look like a i have a deadlock or something like that ...

Could anyone send me into the right direction ? Thanks !!
This is the code:

int itemCount

procedure producer() {
while (true) {
item = produceItem()

if (itemCount == BUFFER_SIZE) {

putItemIntoBuff er(item)
itemCount = itemCount + 1

if (itemCount == 1) {
wakeup(consumer )

procedure consumer() {
while (true) {

if (itemCount == 0) {

item = removeItemFromB uffer()
itemCount = itemCount - 1

if (itemCount == BUFFER_SIZE - 1) {
wakeup(producer )

consumeItem(ite m)

Please use code tqags while posting ur code.
U wint get a deadlock problem when compiling ur code.
Why there are no semi colons(;) in the code.
First tell me, whether ur code is compiling?


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19 deadlocked code | Bytes (6) New Member

No unfortunately my code does not compile .

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So what errors are you getting?

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Is this even C or C++? If it is, then you are missing semicolons everywhere. If not, then this is the wrong forum for this post.

Oct 31 '07 #5


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deadlocked code | Bytes (2024)


How do you avoid deadlocks in code? ›

To circumvent the deadlock problem, it is recommended that you need to sort the information to be accessed in a certain order before grabbing locks. Deadlock refers to a specific condition in a database, when two processes are waiting for the other process to release a resource.

How do you clear a deadlock? ›

A deadlock is resolved by aborting and restarting a process, relinquishing all the resources that the process held. This technique does not limit resource access or restrict process action.

How to fix deadlock in Java? ›

Java provides various methods to avoid thread deadlock, such as using synchronized blocks, using thread-safe collections, and using atomic operations.
  1. Using Thread. join() ...
  2. Using Synchronization Objects. ...
  3. Avoid Nested Locks. ...
  4. Avoid Using Locks When Not Needed. ...
  5. Proper Design of Code.
Jan 20, 2023

How to fix deadlock in C++? ›

In our case, the deadlock happens when two threads are waiting for a mutex owned by the other. One of the most common ways of avoiding a deadlock is to always lock the two mutexes in the same order. If we always lock mutex A before mutex B, then we'll never have a deadlock.

What is the simplest way to avoid a deadlock? ›

Timeouts: To avoid deadlocks caused by indefinite waiting, a timeout mechanism can be used to limit the amount of time a process can wait for a resource. If the help is unavailable within the timeout period, the process can be forced to release its current resources and try again later.

What is the best way to deal with deadlocks? ›

Best Practices for Deadlock Handling

Avoid Resource Contention: Design your applications and systems in a way that minimizes resource contention. This includes proper resource allocation, releasing resources in a timely manner, and avoiding unnecessary resource dependencies.

How can deadlock be resolved? ›

A deadlock is broken by aborting and restarting a process, releasing all resources held by the previous process. When using the deadlock detection and recovery method: There would be no restriction on resource access or process execution. When possible, processes are given requested resources.

How deadlock can be recovered? ›

4 Deadlock Recovery

There are two main strategies for doing this: process termination and resource preemption. Process termination means that the operating system kills one or more processes involved in the deadlock and releases their resources.

How to avoid deadlock in Java for a sample code example? ›

Avoid waiting indefinitely: You can get deadlock if two threads are waiting for each other to finish indefinitely using thread join. If your thread has to wait for another thread to finish, it's always best to use join with maximum time you want to wait for thread to finish.

What are the 4 ways to solve deadlock? ›

4. Deadlock Prevention
  • 4.1. No Mutual Exclusion. It means more than one process can have access to a single resource at the same time. ...
  • 4.2. No Hold and Wait. ...
  • 4.3. Removal of No Preemption. ...
  • 4.4. Removal of Circular Wait.
Mar 18, 2024

How can deadlock be prevented? ›

Techniques such as resource allocation ordering, resource allocation graphs, and bankers' algorithm can help prevent deadlocks by carefully managing resource allocation and avoiding circular wait.

What is an example of a deadlock? ›

In a database, a deadlock is a situation in which two or more transactions are waiting for one another to give up locks. For example, Transaction A might hold a lock on some rows in the Accounts table and needs to update some rows in the Orders table to finish.

How can deadlocks be prevented? ›

Deadlock prevention can be achieved by breaking one or more of the necessary conditions. Techniques such as resource allocation ordering, resource allocation graphs, and bankers' algorithm can help prevent deadlocks by carefully managing resource allocation and avoiding circular wait.

What are 3 ways of handling deadlocks? ›

There are three strategies for deadlock handling: deadlock prevention, deadlock avoidance, and deadlock recovery1 [321]. In deadlock prevention, resources (channels or buffers) are granted to a packet in such a way that a request never leads to a deadlock.

What is the simple rule for avoiding deadlocks? ›

One of the simplest ways to avoid deadlocks is to always acquire resources in a specific order. If your processes needs both resource A, and resource B, then always acquire your resources in the same order.

What is the deadlock avoidance method? ›

17.3 Deadlock Avoidance

Whenever any process requests for one or more resources, the system decides if the request can be satisfied immediately or the process should wait, based on the prior knowledge about the needs of all the other processes.

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