Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (2024)

The most personalized medication instructions on the market

Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (1)

Prescription Labels & Medication Instructions in Your Patients’ Native Language

Improve Engagement

Improve medication adherence with personalized medication instructions.

Watch the Meducation video to learn more.


Datasheet Meducation: Simplified Patient Medication Instructions Download
Blog Article Empowering Nurses for Effective Bedside Medication Counseling Read More

Meducation is a cloud-based solution embedded directly in your EHR or pharmacy management system workflow that delivers simplified medication instructions to all patients.


Create personalized medication instructions

Improve medication adherence, increase HCAHPS scores, and reduce readmissions by addressing patient medication understanding for patients with low health literacy, poor vision, or limited English proficiency.

  • Simplified, patient-specific medication instructions, written at a 5th to 8th grade reading level, with large font sizes, pictograms and explanatory videos
  • Available in 30+ languages
    • Our translation partnerconforms to all requirements for ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 13485 (Medical Devices), and ISO 17100 (Translation) to help ensure cultural and grammatical accuracy.
  • Simplified calendar proven to improve medication adherence
  • Integrated into major EHRsusing SMART on FHIR® and into pharmacy management systemsusing industry standard interfaces
  • Several states have adopted legislation requiring pharmacies to provide medication labels for patients with limited English proficiency in both English and the patient’s preferred language. Meducation enables organizations to meet these requirements with a flexible, sig-translation specific API.

How Meducation Works

Powered by MedKnowledge and state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

Enhance patient experience

Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (5)

Meducation seamlessly integrates into clinical workflow, enabling you to provide an effective, personalized medication list solution.

Easily change text size and language

Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (6)

All material is written at a 5th to 8th grade reading level with supporting pictograms, available in a range of font sizes, and 30+ languages.

What, when, why and how—all in 1

Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (7)

Patient specific medication instructions, medication administration checklists, simplified calendar views, and how-to explanatory videos all in one place.

Improving Medication Adherence and Patient Satisfaction

With Meducation, patients understand their medication instructions, leading to improved outcomes.

52% improvement in med adherence

University of the Sciences saw52% medication adherence improvement after just two weeks

Download Infographic

77% improvement in med adherence

VA Health Care saw77% medication adherence improvement after three months

Download Infographic

27th to 76th percentile

Health First dramatically improved HCAHPS scores for "communications about medicines"

Download Case Study

70% reduction in readmissions

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital saw a 70% reduction in readmission rates

Download Infographic

Meducation integrates with many of the top vendors supporting hospitals, clinics, physician practices, and pharmacies

Don’t see your vendor on this list? Are you vendor or self-programmer? We have a range of integration approaches as well as a standalone application available, depending on your content and workflow needs. Please reach out here for more information.

Meducation content is now available through our partner application with RxCap, RxCap Adhere.

Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (8)Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (9)

Making a Difference at Dignity Health


Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (10)

Dignity Health provides Meducation instructions and regimen summaries at discharge across its hospitals and clinics.

  • Patients understand their medication treatment plans more fully and are more engaged
  • Nurses appreciate being able to communicate in their patients’ language

Read the case study

Want to Connect?

If you'd like to reach our sales or customer success teams, please fill out the Contact Us form and we'll be in touch shortly.


Overall this is very well received by our patients and is having a positive impact on our patient satisfaction survey results.

Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (11)

Ron McGrier

Director of Pharmaceutical Services

Health First

Read the case study

Meducation is designed to make understanding medication plans intuitive and simple for patients, which is why our clients continue to adopt and expand their use of the solution.

Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (12)

Matt Obenhaus

Director, Open Developer Experience


A third of the people who see pharmacists likely face obstacles in their ability to understand their instructions. Accommodating low health literacy provides a practical method to improving health outcomes and safety for all patients.

Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (13)

Charles Lee, MD

Senior Director, Clinical Knowledge – Meducation

FDB (First Databank)

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Patient Medication Instructions | Meducation | FDB (First Databank) (2024)


What are the 7 steps of medication administration? ›

Follow the Seven Rights when you are administering medication to the individuals you support: Right Person, Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Time, Right Route, Right Reason, and Right Documentation.

What is fdb database? ›

First Databank (FDB) is a major provider of drug and medical device databases that help inform healthcare professionals to make decisions.

What are the 7 rights for medication administration in the UK? ›

What Are the 7 Rights of Medication?
  • Medication Administration.
  • Right Individual.
  • Right Medication.
  • Right Dose.
  • Right Time.
  • Right Route.
  • Right Documentation.
  • Right Response.
Oct 10, 2022

What is FDB in medical terms? ›

Familial defective apolipoprotein B-100 (FDB) is a phenocopy of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and a significant cause of coronary heart disease (CHD). This fairly common cause of FH is an autosomal dominant disorder caused by mutations in the ligand-binding domain (exon 26) of the APOB gene on chromosome 2p24.

What are medication instructions? ›

Follow medication schedules and doses

Confirm the exact dose and timing of each medication with your pharmacist. Follow the schedule exactly, and take the exact dose prescribed. If needed, remember which medications need to be taken on an empty stomach or with food. Double check information with your pharmacist.

What are the 10 golden rules in medication administration? ›

The ten Medication safety protocols include:
  • Rule 1-Right Patient:
  • Rule 2- Right Medication:
  • Rule 3- Right Dose:
  • Rule 4- Right Route:
  • Rule 5- Right Time:
  • Rule 6-Right Documentation:
  • Rule 7- Right to Refuse:
  • Rule 8-Right Assessment:
Feb 10, 2024

Is databank a database? ›

In database management and information architecture, a data bank or databank is a repository of information about one or more subjects, that is, a database which is organized in a way that facilitates local or remote information retrieval and is able to process many continual queries over a long period of time.

What is a FDB file? ›

Font Definition Block (abbreviation: FDB, filename extension . fdb) is a file format for computer fonts used by the Ming library. An FDB file is a wrapper containing an SWF DefineFont2 block which describes a font.

How to view FDB? ›

fdb file in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:
  1. Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV development environment.
  2. Click on the “File” menu and select “Open” or press “Ctrl+O”
  3. Navigate to the location where the . fdb file is saved.
  4. Select the . fdb file and click on the “Open” button.

What are the 7 principles of medication administration? ›

Key Learnings: The seven rights of administering medicines are: Right patient, right medication, right dose, right route, right time, right documentation, right reason.

What are the 5 R's of medication? ›

Most health care professionals, especially nurses, know the “five rights” of medication use: the right patient, the right drug, the right time, the right dose, and the right route—all of which are generally regarded as a standard for safe medication practices.

What is the medicine administration chart? ›

A Formal Confidential Record of Medication Administration. MAR charts must be clear, accurate and up to date. A MAR chart should contain the following information: Patient details: - Full name, date of birth and weight (if child or frail elderly) and include known allergies and type of reaction experienced.

What is the FDB classification system? ›

The FDB Enhanced Therapeutic Classification System is an advanced drug classification system with virtually unlimited levels of specificity, for easy formulary maintenance and drug selection. It allows drugs to reside in multiple therapeutic classes, with links to drug concepts at any level of the hierarchy.

What is the full form of FDB? ›

Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Technology.

What does FBD mean? ›

History. The company was established in 1969 as Farmer Business Developments offering farm and agri-sector insurance. During the 1970s, the group expanded to include a life insurance broker, a corporate insurance broker and consultancies.

How do you remember the 7 rights of medication administration? ›

Patients Do Drugs Round The Day (PDDRTD) stands for Right Patient, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Time, and Right Documentation.

What are the six basic rules when administering medication? ›

Six Rights of Medication Administration
  • Identify the right patient. ...
  • Verify the right medication. ...
  • Verify the indication for use. ...
  • Calculate the right dose. ...
  • Make sure it's the right time. ...
  • Check the right route.

What are the 8 rules of safe medication administration? ›

  • Eight Rights of. Medication Administration. The Right Person.
  • The Right Medication.
  • The Right Time.
  • The Right Dose.
  • The Right Route.
  • The Right Position.
  • The Right Documentation.
  • The Right to Refuse.

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