3 police officers killed on Sunday, bringing PNH’s death toll to  21 this year (2024)

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A deadly attack led by notorious gang leader Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier against the Haitian National Police (PNH) Sunday resulted in the death of three officers and another one critically injured. The bandits burned one police armored vehicle and seized dangerous weapons belonging to the Anti-Gang Tactical Unit (UTAG).

PORT-AU-PRINCE — The Transitional Presidential Council (CPT, per its French acronym) has issued a strong condemnation following a deadly gang attack on the Haitian National Police (PNH) Sunday. The assault, led by infamous gang leader Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier, resulted in the death of three officers and another one critically injured. The incident occurred in the Sans-Fil district, near Delmas 18—northeast of downtown Port-au-Prince, during a clash between the PNH’s Anti-Gang Tactical Unit (UTAG) and Cherizier’s Viv Ansanm gang coalition.

In response to the deadly gang attack on the police specialized unit, the CPT has reiterated its commitment to bolstering the PNH’s operational ability in its efforts to neutralize the bandits and restore peace and security throughout Haiti.

In an official statement released on X (formerly Twitter), the CPT extended heartfelt condolences to the grieving families of the victims and their fellow officers at the PNH. The council members also pledged their unwavering support to the police force in their mission to “neutralize armed gangs and foster an environment of peace and tranquility throughout the nation.”

Since February 29, gangs have increasingly targeted police officers, launching attacks on numerous police stations and substations nationwide.

The tragic incident was first confirmed by the Haitian National Police Union (SYNAPOHA) via a tweet. The union disclosed that the fallen officers were Emelin Fermetus from the 30th PNH cohort, Clovis Peterson from the 32nd and Piton Wilkens Jean Junior from the 31st.

The UTAG officers were in an armored vehicle when they were ambushed by the Delmas 6 gang led by Barbecue. The gang set the vehicle on fire, with the officers still inside. Tragically, three officers were unable to escape and burned to death in the fire.

Disturbing, gruesome images making rounds on social media reveal the charred remains of the victims. The media has identified these as the bodies of the slain officers, who are shown missing some organs and with their genitals mutilated.

In a widely circulated video, the voice of gang leader Barbecue audaciously claimed responsibility for the attack, displaying the seized weapons and ammunition belonging to the UTAG agents. Barbecue, a former police officer turned gang leader, chillingly suggested this attack was merely a prelude to what the gang coalition has in store. “It’s a warm-up,” he menacingly stated.

What triggered the violent confrontation between the police and the gang remains murky. However, on Monday, Garry Desrosier, the police spokesperson, announced in a pre-recorded video message published on Haiti’s Télévision Nationale (TNH) YouTube channel that an investigation has been launched to ascertain the circ*mstances surrounding the assassination of the three police officers.

Desrosier clarified that the PNH’s General Directorate is awaiting reports from the police’s jurisdictional command and the UTAG commander regarding this tragic incident in Delmas. He also conveyed the law enforcement institution’s condolences to the families of the victims.

Gangs have increasingly targeted police officers since the escalation of their relentless acts of violence on February 29, launching attacks on multiple police stations and substations nationwide.

Between January and March 2024, at least 13 police officers were killed, according to the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) reports. In addition to victims from other attacks, notably in Port-au-Prince’s southern district of Carrefour, the latest killings this weekend brought the death toll among the Haitian police to 21.

In light of the recent officer assassinations, renewed calls for the resignation of Police Director General Frantz Elbé and for the Transitional Presidential Council (TPC) to accept responsibility are gaining momentum.

Nélus Nérius, leader of the Debloke-Ayiti political group, reminded the TPC and the incoming Prime Minister Garry Conille that the massacre of police officers and the disregard for human rights were significant catalysts for protests against Ariel Henry’s outgoing government. “We need someone who isn’t in league with the bandits or involved in politics to lead the PNH,” stated Nérius on his Facebook page on Sunday.

As Haiti anticipates the arrival of the Multinational Security Support Mission (MSS) to assist the Haitian police in combating escalating gang violence, the deployment of MSS forces has been repeatedly delayed. Amidst the country’s political crisis, Dr. Garry Conille was named transitional prime minister on May 28, bringing hope for stability. However, Prime Minister Conille faces significant challenges in forming an urgently needed new government.

Observers hope that establishing this new government will expedite the arrival of MSS forces, which are crucial in supporting the PNH’s operations against increasingly powerful and sophisticated gangs.


3 police officers killed on Sunday, bringing PNH’s death toll to  21 this year (2024)
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